Currently 2 notations for membervariables are supported:

If MEMVARS_WITH_TRAILING_is not #defined then the first form is used. (The examples shown have MEMVARS_WITH_TRAILING_ #defined).

The notation for get and set-functions of reflected attributes is user configurable as well (and defaults to):

#define REFLIB_SET_FUNCTION_NAME(TagName) set##TagName

#define REFLIB_GET_FUNCTION_NAME(TagName) get##TagName

Note that the notation for the templated get and set functions is not configurable because these may be used by generative algorithms (depthfirstforeach, ...). Catering for variable function names in generative algorithms would add complexity where already is more than enough of that.

Pre and post operations for setters
Last revised: September 13, 2004 Copyright 2004 Arne Adams